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Testimonial: My Cruise Packing List for Baby

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

I was lucky enough to go on my first cruise with my parents and younger sister at the age of 11. 18 years and many cruises later, it was time to take my daughter on her first cruise in June 2022 when she was only 8 months old.

Here is what we used as our packing list for baby's first cruise!

Everyday Items

◻ Blankets for Baby

◻ Favourite teddy/comfort toy/lovey

◻ Dummy/pacifier

◻ Plenty of clothes - for both warm and cold weather. It can get pretty chilly at night on a cruise so its good to have layers.

◻ Burp Cloths

◻ Sun Hat

◻ Cold Weather Hat

Medicines and Toiletries

◻ Pain Relief Medicine + Syringe

◻ Teething gel

◻ Nappy/Diaper cream

◻ Sunscreen (6 mo+)

◻ Baby shampoo, soap, and washcloth - Here are TWB we LOVE Tubby Todd!

◻ Nappies/diapers - Enough for the ENTIRE trip

◻ Baby Wipes


◻ Baby food jars/pouches

◻ Baby Utensils

◻ Baby bowl with suction base

◻ Portable bottle/food warmer

◻ Bibs/food bibs

◻ Sippy Cup

◻ Formula or Milk

◻ Breast pump

◻ Bottles

◻ Cleaning Tools (brush, drying rack, wash basin, etc.)

Larger items

◻ Stroller/Pram and Sunshade

◻ Baby Carrier


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