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Travel Toys & Activities (By Age)

Updated: May 16, 2022

Traveling with kids can be intimidating, especially when you’re flying with your rambunctious toddler. They get bored easily and now you’re asking them to sit in a small and confined space for (potentially) hours.

infant looks at safety card aboard airplane

We all know how energetic children are in general and that is what makes flying with kiddos especially tough. And being unprepared for a flight with kids can result in an exhausting experience for you, the child, and other passengers.

Luckily, I’ve got an entire list of activities and toys for your babies to make that part of the trip just a little bit easier.

When choosing the activities and toys for travel, anything that is brand new to the child will be more likely to be used for a longer amount of time than something the child has already played with before. But that doesn't mean that every activity or toy needs to be brand new. If your child has a tried and true favorite, bring it along!

If you don't have the time and energy to go through each list and determine what your child will like best (and trust me I get it) you can also have a look at the Mini Voyager Travel Kits. They make it super easy to get all of the toys you may need for traveling with your little in one easy place and in a travel friendly bag!

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At this age, they don’t need much. They will likely be sleeping, eating, and observing no matter how long your flight is. However, if you want to have a few things to entertain the baby, here are some good options.

  • Crinkle Paper

  • Wooden Worm

  • Jingle Toy

  • Texture Toys

  • Teethers

Around 6 months of age is when Baby may begin to be mobile and wants a bit more activity. At this point, luckily, they are still fairly easy to entertain with smaller items or even “non-toys toys” aka safety cards, tray tables, paper bags or a plastic cup.

  • Suction Spinners

  • Post It Notes

  • Stretchy Noodles

  • Animal Cards

  • Pop and Play Fidget

  • Scarves (put them into an old tissue box or wipes container for added fun) and more!

Kiddos ages 12 months to 2 years can be some of the trickiest to travel with but hopefully, this list will keep you covered! At this age, we recommend that you bring a different toy for every 20 minutes of travel (not including takeoff, landing, or feeding times which usually total about an hour).

  • Books for you to read

  • Sticker Books

  • Busy Baby Board

  • Water Wow

  • ABC Cards

  • Toy Animals

  • Fruit Threader

  • Woah Dough (Not linked; at Target)

  • Coloring Books and more!

Ages 3 to 4 years old are always active and on the move and traveling with them can be exhausting, but these activities and games can keep them engaged for however long your journey may be. Consider bringing a toy for at least every 30 minutes of travel (not including takeoff, landing, or feeding times which usually totals about an hour).

  • Books for you to read

  • Sticker Books

  • Magnet Sets

  • Mini Magnadoodle

  • Pipe cleaners & Pasta Noodles

  • Road Tape & Toy Cars

  • Squeeze-a-Bean

  • I Spy Book

  • Stack a Doos building blocks and more!

At this age, kids can focus on a smaller number of toys for a longer period of time.

  • Books

  • Magnet Sets

  • Doctors Kit

  • Sticker Books

  • Color Changing Markers

  • World’s Smallest Operation & other tiny board games

  • Rainbow Scratch Paper

  • Pop It

  • Mini Lego Sets and more!

When your kids are about 7 or 8, and maybe even well before then, they will likely be very clear on the kinds of toys that they'd like to play with. But even still, we have created this list for you to surprise them with a few new ideas of your own.

  • Fidget Spinner

  • 3D Maze Balls

  • Books

  • Puzzle Books

  • Card Games

  • Color By Numbers

  • Drawing Tablet

  • Geo Board

  • Fingerprint Activities and more!

Please remember that these are all just suggestions based on experience and research. Ultimately you know your kids best and will be able to determine how many toys, snacks, and activities they may need for the duration of your specific flight.

More details on how to pack and prepare for that flight are linked here.

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