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Packing List for Baby (0-12 mo)

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

When it comes to packing, there are two main methods depending on how you are traveling to your destination.

Traveling by plane gets you further distances faster but you are limited in the amount of baggage you can bring hence limited in what you can bring overall. And in that case, you always want to consider packing "by the bag" taking into account the space you have with what you need.

Road tripping somewhere with Baby has its benefits for a plethora of reasons but near the top of the list is that you don’t have to worry as much about packing everything you need into one or two bags.

Even if it is just thrown around the car in any random bag that you could find on your way out the door.

Either way, here is an itemized list for everything you may need when traveling with baby. You can tailor it to the method in which you are traveling, adding, subtracting what you may need. Plus a few additional lists in case you are going to any specific destination such as the mountains or the beach.

Additionally you can shop some of my favorite products that I make sure to never travel without.

Packing List

▢ Diaper Bag

▢ Diapers to last you the duration of your travel day (only you know this amount based on your own baby and how often they need a change) + 1 extra

▢ Wipes

▢ Diaper Cream

▢ Changing Pad

▢ Bottles for feedings throughout the drive/flight

▢ Change of Clothes

▢ Disinfectant Wipes, Pacifier Wipes, Hand Sanitizer

▢ Light Blanket

▢ Portable Sound Machine

▢ Pacifiers (multiple in case one gets lost or tossed somewhere into the abyss)

▢ Toys/Activities to keep baby occupied

▢ Cooler/Insulated Bag

▢ Milk

▢ Purees

▢ Snacks needed to keep cold for older babies (yogurt, fruit, etc)

▢ Feeding/Snack/Drink Bags

▢ Formula

▢ Water (and more if you use Formula)

▢ Bottles

▢ Snacks at room temp (crackers, peanut butter, purees, etc)

▢ Portable Bottle Warmer (if needed)

▢ Cup for older babies

▢ Bowl and utensils

▢ Feeding Accessories (optional) - portable drying rack, foldable placemat, travel high chair, High chair/Cart cover

▢ Larger Bag/Suitcase

▢ Diapers (for the rest of the trip or until you can get to the store to buy more at your destination)

▢ Sleep Sack/Swaddles

▢ Day Clothes

▢ Pajamas

▢ Sound Machine

▢ Hats/Headbands/Bows

▢ Sunglasses

▢ Shoes & Socks

▢ Toiletries Bag

▢ Shampoo and Conditioner

▢ Body Wash

▢ Wash Cloth

▢ Sunscreen (for babies over 6 months)

▢ Liquid Tylenol & Syringe (pacifier syringe for younger babies)

▢ Toothbrush & Toothpaste

▢ First Aid Kit

▢ Liquid Pain Reliever

▢ Syringe (pacifier syringe for younger babies)

▢ Gas Drops

▢ Teething Gel

▢ Allergy Medicine (check dosage and age restrictions)

▢ Saline Drops

▢ Pillow or Rolled Towel for nursing mommas

▢ Pack n Play

▢ Pack n Play Sheets

▢ Stroller

▢ Car Seat

▢ Baby Carrier


Optional Extra Gear

▢ Slumberpod/Blackout Cover

▢ Inflatable Bathtub

▢ Extra Toys

▢ Portable High Chair

Summer Additions

▢ Stroller Fan

▢ Beach/Park Blanket

▢ Beach/Park Tent or Umbrella

▢ Weather Shield - for stroller

▢ Towel

▢ Bathing Suits

▢ Summer Hat

▢ Swim Diapers

▢ Life Jackets

▢ Beach/Water Toys

Winter Additions

▢ Winter Coats, Hats, Boots etc

▢ Stroller Bunting or Car Seat Canopy

▢ Stroller Mitts

▢ Babywearing Coat

▢ Weather Shield - for stroller

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