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Baby Gear Rentals: When to Rent and When to Bring

Sometimes when you’re traveling with Baby, and especially with multiple children, it just is not possible to bring everything you need with you on a vacation. This is only amplified if you are flying with limited baggage or suitcase space.

How to Decide if You Should Rent:

My family and I typically decide on renting early in the planning phase. A packing list is going to be helpful to not only avoid over packing or underpacking; but to also get an idea of what you will need, how much space you have, and if you should maybe rent instead of bring.

The longer the list of items to bring per bag or the larger the items are - think pack and play, high chair, or beach tent - the more likely I will be to rent.

Bonus tip: It is also worth booking a rental/hotel with the items you may need like a travel crib or high chair. If you are unsure what they have available, you can always call and ask.

Good Scenarios to Rent instead of Bring

  • Your suitcases are overflowing

  • There is a large list of baby/kid gear that you would like to have but have no idea how you will pack it all

  • You are limited on baggage or car space and plan to bring some larger items

  • You are traveling for a week or more

  • Going to the beach? Considering renting the gear you will need instead of trying to pack it all

  • When you need a car seat for only a portion of your trip

  • Multiple children with many needs

  • Only traveling for a few days and want to save space on things like toys or larger items like a pack and play

  • You want to try a new product or item before purchasing!

Items You Can Rent

We typically rent through a company called BabyQuip. They have an entire directory of providers in locations around the United States and abroad. You can choose to pick up or deliver the items and as an added bonus you can choose a different drop off and pick up location in case you are not staying in one place for your whole vacation.

Each provider has their own list of items that you can rent but generally somethings you can find are:

  • Pack and Play/Travel Crib

  • High Chairs

  • Car Seats

  • Strollers

  • Beach/Park Umbrellas

  • Sleep Tools

  • Feeding Solutions

  • Bathing Items

  • Toys or Books

And so much more!

Worried about the cleanliness of the rented items? Find more details about BabyQuip's cleaning & sanitizing standards here.


Disclaimer: Using the links on this page may provide Traveling with Babies with a small commission for qualifying purchases.

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