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Must-Have Baby Travel Gear for Winter Weather

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

My family and I decided that we were going to travel to New York right before Christmas. Obviously in the winter, things can get very cold. With this in mind, I wanted to make sure that Baby had the right gear to last most of the day outside if we needed to.

Now, if you live in a bigger city with public transportation or do a lot of outdoor walking in the winter, then these things might already be familiar to you. But where I live in St. Louis, we just don’t go outside if it's cold. And if we do, we go from the house to the car and into another building somewhere else… and back again 🥴.

So here are the general items that we think are best to have when traveling (or living) in a cold-weather climate.

Stroller Bunting (also called Stroller Muff): This is essentially a large sleeping bag that fits into your stroller and around Baby. It is a great tool to keep Baby warm and cozy while strolling in cold weather. Many universal stroller muffs can be found for sale online at all different price points. The nicer ones can also adapt to whatever age and size Baby is at the moment so they grow with your child. One thing to keep in mind is that some stroller harness straps do not detach from the stroller (Uppa Baby Vista V2, for example), and in this case, you would need a stroller muff that has a detachable back so it can fit around the straps. Many stroller brands also sell their own version of a stroller bunting that works specifically with your stroller.

Canopy Car Seat Cover: This has the same purpose as the stroller bunting above, just used in the case that baby is not in a stroller yet and still in an infant seat.

Stroller Mitts: Keep your own hands warm while walking around with Baby. These fit over the handle of the stroller so you can easily slide your hands in and out; and some even have a clear pouch in the middle to hold things like your phone.

Baby wearing Coat or Carrier Cover: Covers for baby carriers function basically the same way as stroller muffs. If you’re going somewhere super cold and bringing a carrier, you’ll want to make sure you pick a cover that is thick enough for the climate. Additionally, getting a baby-wearing coat/jacket may be even easier to combine both your and Baby’s cover all in one.

Weather Shield: Many strollers come with sunshades to protect your baby from UV rays but when you’re traveling to a cold climate, especially one with lots of rain or snow, you may want extra protection from the elements. A weather shield can be a lifesaver in cold places. Typically made of strong and protective clear vinyl, they not only keep your little one warm but also shield them from the wind, snow, and rain.

Winter Clothing:

  • Hats, coats, gloves, socks: There are many options out there for winter clothing but as a quick mental note, before you go outside into the cold weather you definitely need a hat, coat, gloves, and socks.

  • Base Layers: Keeping Baby warm in the winter means dressing your baby in multiple layers. Wool is a great base layer because it’s soft, breathable, and warm while also absorbing any moisture.

  • Baby Bunting Suit: These suits are typically made of fleece or waterproof material and keep your little one safe from the cold. Having one can also limit the number of extra cold-weather accessories your baby needs to wear since bunting suits usually cover their whole body and include a hood and fold-over hands and feet.

  • Boots: Boots are great for playing in the snow or rain but even if your baby isn’t walking yet, a pair of lightweight and waterproof boots can help keep their feet stay warm and dry

  • Sunglasses: Sunglasses are actually just as important in the winter as they are in the summer. The reflection off the snow can be very bright and some babies are sensitive to bright lights.


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