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Must-Have Baby Travel Gear for Summer

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

When traveling with a baby in the heat, it is important to check on your baby's temperature. Babies are not as capable of regulating their own body temperatures as older children or adults, so it is up to the caregiver to help them do so.

The sun can also be extremely damaging to Baby's hypersensitive skin and babies below the age of 6 months should not wear sunscreen.

For these reasons, there are many steps that you can take to be sure your little one doesn't get to the point of overheating while protecting their skin. Especially when you are on vacation and more likely to spend additional time outside.

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That being said, here are the items that we think are best to have when traveling during the summer or in a warm-weather climate.

Stroller Fan: For obvious reasons, a stroller fan is going to be one of your first lines of defense against an overheated baby in the summer. It keeps the air moving and can attach directly to the stroller or other equipment.

Misting Water Bottle: For an additional step, you can even get a fan with a misting ability to keep Baby cool on super warm days.

Sunscreen: For babies 6 months and older, it is important to cover their screen with mineral sunscreen. The reason for a mineral sunscreen is the layer of UV protection is physical as opposed to chemical. When looking for a baby sunscreen you want to see the ingredients zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, or both. Additionally, for babies, a stick version makes it easier to apply.

I LOVE our Tubby Todd (click to shop) sunscreen products in addition to the Babyganics sunscreen you can find linked below.

Beach Umbrella or Baby Tent: When you're out on a beach or in a park and in the sun, it's good to have a shady refuge to keep Baby. Try to find something with a quick and easy setup, UV protection, easy to pack/carry, and good air ventilation.

Light/Breathable Blanket: Finding a good blanket that is large enough to fit the entire family while also folding up small for travel is an absolute must. Additional features can be anchor pockets or stakes to hold it down on windy days, sand proof, water-resistant, or quick-drying.

Weather Shield: Just like in the winter, summer weather can range greatly. So while most strollers come with sunshades to protect your baby from UV rays you may want extra protection from the harsher elements. A weather shield can be a lifesaver in rainy places. Typically made of strong and protective clear vinyl, they not only keep your little one warm but also shield them from the wind and rain.

Summer Clothing:

  • Rash Guard/Swim Suit: Before 6 months, it is important to protect Baby's sensitive skin with a full rash guard. Once they turn 6 months and you can use sunscreen, you can begin to wear other types of swimsuits.

  • Hats: There are many options out there but you will want something with a wide brim and UV protection.

  • Swim Diaper: Regular diapers don’t work in water because they are designed to absorb liquids, including pool water. Available in both a disposable and reusable option, the best swim diaper for you is whichever is most convenient for your lifestyle or more likely, right for your budget. A trustworthy and comfortable swim diaper for your kiddo can ensure a day in the water is fun for the whole family and accident-free!

  • Sunglasses: Fairly self-explanatory but your baby only gets one set of eyes! Be sure to protect them from harsh UV rays.


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