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Hotel vs Rental Properties when Traveling with a Baby

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

The way that we travel and what we do while we are on a trip dictates the type of places we want to stay.

If you’re on a trip with a big group of friends you will likely want to stay at a rental house with multiple rooms so everyone can stay together. Or a hotel close to bars and restaurants in a hip new city.

If you’re on a couples trip then you may stay at a hotel but there should definitely be things for everyone to do on the property. Or maybe you would rather stay at a nice rental that has a pool next to a cool beachside location.

The same can be said when traveling with babies, there are going to be benefits to staying in a particular location as opposed to others and things that you may want to prioritize for you and your family.

Here are some of the pros and cons for both hotel and rental stays with a focus on baby/family needs.



  • Typically in a good location close to major attractions around the city.

  • Likely to have basic needs if you forgot anything so you don’t need to leave to go buy that forgotten toothbrush or shampoo.

  • Usually have a crib/pack n play so you don’t need to bring that yourself.

  • Most have things to do on the property itself, maybe a pool, restaurant, or even more.

  • No need to clean up before you leave

  • You can trust a certain level of standards and safety being at a hotel. You generally know what to expect only with the level of service really changing between price points.


  • Not always a lot of space. If Baby needs a quiet and dark place to sleep or nap, you too will be spending your vacation in that quiet and dark place.

  • Likely only one bathroom for the entire family

  • Hotels don’t always have bathtubs for babies’ baths. Many are switching to shower-only bathrooms.

  • Don't always have a lot of counter space to clean and dry bottles

  • Depending on the room and hotel, you might not have a refrigerator or microwave at your disposal. This would be something important when storing or heating up milk and food for the baby.

  • Hotels can be noisy. You may be sharing a wall and hallway with many neighbors.

Rental Property


  • This is just as if you are staying at your home but in a new location so you will have all of the comforts of being in a home.

  • Kitchens! While not impossible, you are much more likely to have a kitchen in the rental so you can prepare meals there or clean baby bottles more easily.

  • If you have a larger family you are going to have a lot more space to be comfortable. This includes having multiple bathrooms, laundry options, and separate rooms that you can be in while Baby is napping.

  • More privacy


  • If you are staying in a rental home as opposed to an apartment, you might not be in the heart of the city or super close to any major attractions.

  • If you choose an apartment rental, you may not have access to an elevator.

  • You need to be much more conscious about reviews when it comes to a rental. There are a certain level of standards that hotels hold that rentals don't always have.

  • Tidying up at the end of a vacation is not very fun.

Now, remember, you can always find a hotel or rental that includes some of these cons, and a con for one person may not be a con for everyone. All and all it may just be something you need to specifically look for when booking accommodation in order to find what is best for your family.


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