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Getting To and From the Airport with Baby

Flying into a new city and not sure how you are going to get around? You won’t automatically have a car with you so there are some logistics that will need to be planned in advance.

Here are the important things to consider when getting to and from the airport with Baby.

Public Transportation:

  • Does the city have adequate public transportation to get you from the airport all the way to your hotel or rental?

  • How long does that journey take? With a baby and after a flight, you won’t likely want to take anything that takes more than 30-45 minutes.

  • Is the transportation mode a straight shot? Or do you need to make several transfers to get where you are going?

  • How much luggage do you have to carry? Will that be difficult when using public transport?

  • Does the train/bus/subway have accessible stations near your hotel/rental? With bags and Baby, you are very likely going to want an accessible place to arrive whether that be using an elevator to get up from the subway or having as few steps as possible when leaving the bus.

Taxi/Uber/Ride Share App:

  • Does your arrival city have Uber or another rideshare app?

  • If so, how dense are the drivers around the airport? Would it be ok to order an uber upon arrival or do you need to book a ride in advance? The same should be said for returning to the airport from your hotel or rental.

  • What time are you arriving at your destination? Drivers are more likely to be available during the day than late at night or early in the morning.

  • How much luggage do you have with you? Will a small car be sufficient or should you make sure to order a larger vehicle?

  • Do you need a car seat? In some cities, you can request a car seat with the taxi/uber. If not available, how do you plan to get a car seat to safely transfer Baby to your hotel/rental?

  • What time does your flight leave? Consider traffic and travel time when leaving in order to get yourself enough time to get there.

Private Transfer

  • Are you arriving at your destination very early in the morning or very late at night? It might be worth arranging a private transfer from the airport to your hotel/rental.

  • Is your destination in a different country where you will not know the same language as your taxi/uber driver?

  • Does the company provide car seats for Baby? Due to insurance reasons, many do not so you will need to make sure that you have your own.

Rental Car

  • Will I be traveling around by car on this particular vacation? Is a car worth having for the entire trip as opposed to getting an uber or taxi when I need it?

  • Some rental companies also rent car seats or should you bring your own?

  • Rental companies are running very low on supply (as of Jan 2022), you will need to book a car in advance to make sure you have a vehicle available upon arrival.

  • How far away is the rental place from the airport? Do they have shuttles available? Do you need to call the shuttle and how will you get there with Baby and luggage?

  • How much luggage do you plan to bring and how will that impact the size car that you rent?


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