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Comparing Travel Diaper Pails & Other Smelly Storage Solutions

When it comes to traveling with your baby, there are a whole slew of products designed to provide solutions to your travel woes.

For me, I came across a new problem upon the birth of my second child more so than my first and that was the case of a very smelly diaper.

As we traveled, we were in a more confined space than we were subject to at home and the stench of these poopy diapers really seemed to amplify in those smaller quarters so I needed to find a solution.

Enter travel diaper pails.

The three solutions below include two of the most popular products on the market and for me that was good enough but I will set out to try more as I find them and update this post accordingly.

Disclaimer: Images below provide the links to shop these products. The links on this page may provide Traveling with Babies with a small commission for qualifying purchases.

"Doggy Bags"

The first solution we are going to talk about is the easy one - wrapping your child's smelly diaper in a plastic doggy bag to throw into the normal trash can. This got us through the entirety of traveling with our first child for well over her first year of life.

This one is a solid plan and doesn't require much additional thought considering you may already have these bags in your diaper bag. The only real con that I can think of is that sometimes it doesn't quite contain the smell that you need for those really smelly diapers if you're just tossing them into the normal trash bin.

Munchkin Toss

Solution number two is a very popular one. The Munchkin toss is a great easy to travel with option. They claim to hold about two days worth of diapers ("90") and I find that to be accurate. We usually made it through the weekend with just one pail. A 3 pack of these travel pails will cost you around $11.

Pros: Lies flat so it is easy to pack. Free standing so you don't need to have any container to put it in and it can be placed anywhere. Contains the smell really well for most diapers.

Cons: Fairly flimsy by design to make it easily packable. No way to toss diaper with one hand, you need to use two to hold the bin and open the top seal. One time use product per bin meaning you will need to continue to purchase more as you continue to travel.

PurePail Hang It

The final option we tried was the PurePail hanging diaper pail. This is a more expensive option upon first purchase because it comes in two parts - the holder and then the bags. The initial purchase of $18 includes the Hang It + 5 Lavender Scented Diaper Disposal Bags + 1 Travel Case. Refills sold separately.

The company claims that the pail will hold about 20 newborn diapers. There is definitely a smaller capacity than the Munchkin option above.

Pros: Does well at containing the smell. Sturdy opening with the ability to toss diaper with one hand if you find a way to set the frame on to a ledge or something to keep it from falling. The frame can also be used with many different bags, not just the PurePail brand. We have been using plastic grocery bags as of lately and it works perfectly fine which can save a lot of cost long term.

Cons: If the bag gets too full or heavy, the opening to the frame's opening falls down and doesn't provide a great seal for the smell. When using the PurePail bag itself this happens when the bag is only about half full with diapers. Additionally, if you don't have a convenient place to hang the diaper pail then you may find it less useful than munchkins free standing option which can be put anywhere however I always kept both in the bathroom either way.


Overall, all three do a fine job at what they are meant to do. They travel well and contain the smell. Finding the best one for you and your family will just come down to which works best for the type of travel you do and type of places that you stay.


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