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Cruising with Baby: Choosing the Right Travel Stroller

Choosing the right travel stroller for a cruise with Baby is essential to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience for both the baby and the parents.

There are many features to consider when selecting a travel stroller for a cruise, but some features stand out as must-haves for this type of trip. So let us discuss the best features to have on a travel stroller for a baby when going on a cruise and why.

  1. Lightweight and Compact: A lightweight and compact travel stroller is a must-have for a cruise. As cruise cabins tend to be small, a bulky stroller may take up valuable space and be difficult to maneuver around. Additionally, a lightweight stroller is easier to carry around the ship or on shore excursions. You should be able to find elevators to all parts of the ship, but sometimes they might be out of the way so picking up the stroller and climbing a few steps can be a quicker option.

  2. Easy to Fold and Unfold: A travel stroller that is easy to fold and unfold is essential for a cruise. It allows parents to quickly and easily store the stroller in the cabin or take it on and off the ship. Many cruise lines require strollers to be folded when boarding or disembarking, so a stroller that can be folded with one hand and takes up minimal space is ideal.

  3. Maneuverability: A travel stroller that is easy to maneuver is important for a cruise. Narrow hallways, crowded elevators, and busy ports can make it challenging to move around with a stroller. A stroller with swivel wheels or a good suspension system can make navigating through these tight spaces much easier.

  4. Sun Protection: Sun protection is another essential feature for a travel stroller on a cruise. Many cruise destinations are in sunny, tropical locations, so a stroller with a sun canopy or UV protection is important to protect the baby's delicate skin.

  5. Reclining Seat: A travel stroller with a reclining seat is ideal for a cruise. It allows the baby to nap comfortably while on the go, whether on board the ship or during shore excursions. A reclining seat is also helpful for feeding or changing diapers when away from the cabin.

  6. Storage Space: A stroller with ample storage space is important for a cruise. Parents need to carry all the essentials for their baby, such as diapers, wipes, bottles, and snacks, as well as their own personal items. A stroller with a large basket or pockets can make it easier to store and access these items while on the go.

  7. Easy to Clean: A travel stroller that is easy to clean is essential for a cruise. With all the travel and exploring, a stroller is bound to get dirty. A stroller with removable and washable fabrics is ideal, making it easy to keep the stroller clean and fresh throughout the trip.

Our Favorites

  • Zoe Baby Tour & Traveler Why we like it: This stroller is easy, lightweight, with a compact fold and fantastic sunshade. It is easy to move around and has great options with those exact same qualities for families with multiple children as well.

  • Ergobaby Metro+ & Metro+ Deluxe Why we like it: The sunshade is extremely deep and the seats have both a lot of cushion and a deep recline that are perfect for nap strolls on deck.

  • Uppababy G-LUXE Reclining Umbrella Stroller Why we like it: A more budget friendly option with good amounts of sun coverage and recline to help with those long sunny days while cruising.

Conclusion In conclusion, when selecting a travel stroller for a cruise with a baby, it's important to consider the specific features that will make the experience comfortable and convenient for both the baby and the parents. By considering the key features above, parents can find the perfect travel stroller for their baby's needs and enjoy a stress-free and comfortable cruise vacation.


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