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Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Hi! I’m Kelly and I love to travel. I am a frequent traveler by land, air, and sea but my biggest adventure yet was having my daughter Stella in May of 2021.

woman sits in chair and holds her child in nursery

Traveling with a little one has remained a priority within my life and I found that the internet, shockingly, did not have many resources on how to make that easier. Additionally, I was finding myself often acting as a travel consultant of sorts with many of my mom friends, so from there: Traveling with Babies was born.

I love following Instagram accounts to give me bite size and easily digestible information on whatever topic I am hoping to learn more about so with this page I hope to merge both things that I love into a resource where I can help other parents do the same!

What makes you qualified to tell other parents how to travel?

Great question! Nothing!

But let me tell you a bit of my backstory on why I feel I may be able to help:

In 2017 after losing my job as a social studies teacher, I took my depression and turned it into motivation in a very extreme way. I moved to Europe with the hopes of traveling the world and there I was quite successful. Before moving to Prague, I had visited a total of two other countries other than the United States. By the time I moved back to the US in 2020, I checked off a total of 26 countries with many more on my list!

Before covid hit the travel industry with a fury, I was working as a content writer for a travel agency with a particular focus on the logistics of traveling in different cities. So instead of telling you that you need to visit the Eiffel Tower while you are in Paris (because… duh) what I would actually tell you is exactly how to get from the Sacré-Cœur in Montmartre to the Catacombs of Paris in Montparnasse. What metro entrance you need to go into, where to buy your transport ticket, what train platform to stand on, when to get off the train… you get the point.

This skill and mindset has helped me think about traveling with a baby in the same way. What logistically will be the most useful information to know when traveling with your little? How do I prepare and what will make getting around easier once I am there? If you are asking yourself these questions then this page is for you!

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